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Our world has changed drastically in the past few months.  This past week I spent time reviewing the CDC's information regarding animals and Covid-19 as well as speaking with my vet's office about their protocols.  I wanted to have the best practices in place to allow you and your pet to begin training again.  

1.  ALL CLASSES AND GROUP TRAINING IS CANCELLED INDEFINITELY - for the overall safety and comfort of everyone.  

2.  Private training is available - all private training will take place outdoors with proper social distancing - I will wear a mask for your comfort and safety. If you are not feeling well please alert me so a decision can be made if it is safe to train. 

3. We are opening Chez Oppenheimer back up to allow dogs to come and stay with us again with some minor changes:  you will not be able to bring anything with your dog besides their food and medicine - I will wipe these items down before bringing them in the house as well as before sending them home. (no leash, collar, toys, bowls, bags, beds, etc). I will meet you outside to transition the dog to a slip lead and bring them in the house. Only one household of dogs at a time.  Payment may be made via, PayPal, Venmo, Facebook Pay, Cash, Credit Card, and Check.  If you are not feeling well please alert me so a decision can be made if it is safe to bring your dog. 

4. As always, I am here for you no matter what the issue. Call or email anytime! 



Are you overwhelmed and aggravated every time you take your dog out?

Tried Training?

Have you taken training with you dog already and not seen a difference?

Experiencing Serious Issues?

Snapping, growling, food aggression? Are your issues bigger then just learning sit?

Negative Life Impact?

Is your life different and not in a good way?

YOu need training and I can help!



our training

I am a trainer who believes in using positive techniques as well as a balanced mind body approach this is the best training for both the dog and you.

I offer both training for common issues such as basic obedience, house training, manners etc.  As well as being experienced in behavior modification for more serious issues like aggression, anxiety, and phobias.

Small group sessions, one on one private training, and various workshops, boot camps, and fun dog-centric activities we strive to offer a wide array of one of a kind dog training experiences.  

Our training is all about the communication between you and your dog which allows for an exceptional training experience. It is the "speaking dog" difference.

About A year ago I started to think there was something missing from regular dog training.  After alot of thought It hit me - how could i be training for real life if i am training in a static room?  No one lives in a kennel - we live in parks,coffee shops, and neighborhoods.  So I moved my training out of a room and into Real life.  This makes all the difference for your pup - they are learning how to behave in the places you spend time on a regular basis.  positive change for you and your Dog!
Unique training
unique dogs
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our difference

speaking dog

We approach training from a different direction - rather then trying to teach the dog to understand english we teach you to "speak dog".  Our dogs already know how to do everything we want them to do we just need to know how to ask for it.  We teach you how to give commands, corrections and affection the correct way.

We want to ensure you have the most successful training experience possible.  We work hard to have clear communication, progress, trust between all parties, and RESULTS!

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened.

- anatole france