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The Dog Trainer and the website - a true horror story

Some of you may remember my previous website - lovely, easy to use, nothing flashy, just a solid website. After all we live in the age of information and if you have a business you MUST have a website if your looking to grow.

So I have a business and therefore I had a website.

But that wasn't the entire story - I hate computer work, I mean I really dislike the entire process of working on the computer and because of that my back end office work was usually at least a month behind.

And then I got a message - was I aware that when you googled my website and then tried to click on it you were taken to some rather interesting sites? Not PG-13 interesting but X-rated interesting. Nope I said that was news to me. So after some scrambling around I discovered that Apple had dropped their web hosting (somehow I had missed that email - not surprising it was computer work related after all) and I had no control over my site. Made a quick call to Go Daddy (mostly because I couldn't figure out how to do anything on line on my own) and had them shut down my site.

And then there was no more website - and months went by. And then some more months. Now please understand I had the best of intentions with this process, I was going to have a new site by the end of the week, and then it was the end of the month and then my response was just soon, I'll have a new site soon. I'm working on it.

But I wasn't because as I said earlier I really don't like working on the computer.

And then I tried to find my training on the internet and the first mention was nine pages in. NINE - no one is going to look nine pages in for a trainer even if they are amazing. So I buckled down and started creating a new site and then five hours in promptly lost everything when my internet connection dropped because I forgot to save. Did I mention how much I loath computers? Rather then killing my lovely macbook I went picked up my littles from preschool and started again - albeit a little slower since I had to kids trying to help. And by the end of the next day I had my website again. Lovely, easy to use, flashier then before and all together rather fantastic.

Now here is where the training part comes in - a couple of days later I was telling someone this story and explaining how the whole thing started because I'm taking a business course for "creative" types. And they were questioning how I could have such a hard time - as they explained it "its a simple drag and drop process with set rules and guidelines - make my choices and fill in the blanks". I pointed out that seeing as my preferred business class is marketed towards creative people rules and guidelines were not my best friends.

I thought about this for awhile and discovered that my whole website debacle perfectly describes my training philosophy. Its intuitive, your either born with the gift to train animals or your not. You can learn how to work with animals but to truly train and rehabilitate them you must have a special gift. You must be to feel their emotions, your instincts must allow you to understand their thought process, and translate that to their owners. There are no set rules and guidelines, it is not drag and drop or plug and play. Every dog is different, every day is different, and this, this gut instinct, perceptiveness, intuitive process - this I can do.

So until they create a computer that works on vibes and emotions I'll probably always be a little behind - but if you need someone to help understand your dog give me a call I'm ready to go today!

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