• Dominique Oppenheimer

The care and feeding of dogs

There is a lot of care and maintenance that goes into keeping a dog as a family pet. Some that is common sense - feed the dog, water the dog, let the dog out to go to the bathroom. Some of it maybe things that you don't always think of after all having a dog as a pet has changed a lot in the past 20 years.

Things You Might Not Think Of?

Brushing your dogs teeth Tags/License

Cleaning their ears microchipping

Trimming their nails socialization exercise

Exercise grooming vists

Training yearly vet vist

We could also go into some of the more interesting things I have seen change over my years as a trainer - an obsession with dog food and dog treats - you used to be able to feed your dog generic dog food and it was fine - now it's not, aquatic therapy for your dog (awesome development), coloring your dogs hair (funny and sometimes a little weird), dog shaming (classic), and so many other strange, weird, and funny things.

What I'm getting at is this - dogs are a forever choice and they require a lot of regular upkeep and if you can't keep up with that then you should think twice before bringing one into your life. Over the years I have heard some of the most insane excuse for getting rid of family pets "I got a new couch and the dog hair shows", "I'm moving to Flordia (I've heard this more then once)", "It got to big", "It got old", "It sheds", "We had a baby", "We're busy", - And about a five million more!

Dogs are forever!

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