• Dominique Oppenheimer

Winter is coming (maybe)

Winter is coming to Cincinnati or at least a day of winter here and there and there are a few things that are different about the care of your dog during this season. Some things are pretty easy and most of us know: don't let your dog around antifreeze (deadly to dogs), short haired dogs can need a jacket/sweater when they go outside, and you often need to take them on shorter walks.

But did you know dehydration can be an issue for some dogs during the winter? Its important to ensure that your pup has an adequate supply of clean, fresh water. Humidity is lower during the winter overall and even more so in our homes with the heat on and this is the number one contributor to dehydration.

Hopefully you got my video earlier this week on the Dominiques All Breed Dog Training Facebook page regarding the care of dogs paws during the winter if not go check it out now! One of the things I forgot to mention is timing the hair between your dogs toes. This will help to keep ice balls from forming in-between their pads as well make it easier for you to remove salt etc. This is a simple grooming task that you can take care of at home with a minimum of fuss and equipment.

Now you have some more knowledge about the winter care and maintance of your dog - and keep in mind if you have any questions I'm always a phone call or email away!

Now go have some snow fun!

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