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Your new dog & time

Lots of the questions I get asked as a trainer have to do with time - how long will it take to potty train my dog, how long will it take for my rescue to be comfortable, how long will it take for my dog to enjoy daycare etc. Time is relative for every dog but there are a few generic rules of thumb that can help.

Potty Training

This is one of the ones where you as the owner can make the biggest difference in the amount of time it takes to get your dog fully potty trained. The closer you can stick to the schedule, follow the plan with treats, praise, and rewards and pay attention to your dogs signals the faster the process goes! Potty training is all about vigilance, routine, and keeping your dog within eyesight!


If a rescue dog is over eight months old your usually looking at least three to four weeks before your new pup feels secure and will begin to trust you and trust the situation. It can take longer for dogs that are older, have spent more time moving from place to place, have been in a kennel, or if they have suffered abuse or neglect. They have a lot more emotional baggage that they are carrying with them and it can take longer for them to come to trust the situation and the humans.


This is another one where routine can help a lot. Once your dog passes their evaluation you want to keep them on a routine once or twice a week minimum. This gives your dog a chance to really get into the daycare routine - Its usually at least two weeks for a dog to become comfortable with daycare. Daycare can be a lot for dogs, they are learning to get along with lots of other dogs and its exhausting. Give them a chance and don't expect it to happen instantly.

No matter what the most important thing to remember is to give it time - don't expect overnight fixes for anything that is going on. Give it time! and then sometimes you have to Give it some more time!

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