• Dominique Oppenheimer

We got a puppy!!!!!!!

So three weeks ago the stars aligned and I was given the opportunity to rescue an adorable rottweilier mix puppy. My house has been feeling so very empty and the kids have been asking for a pup. The perfect one just kinda of dropped into our laps and I brought home a tiny little brown furball that has quickly wormed his way into our hearts and our lives.

Now having said that - WOW!!! - did I forgot about some of the less fun puppy behaviors. Potty training, puppy teeth (so sharp), crate training, learning to sleep through the night, and of course no bite and no chewing, lol. Its a good thing that puppies are so stinking cute because they are a lot of work - and boy are they cute puppy breath, puppy belly and that super soft puppy fur.

So I spent the first two weeks sleeping on the couch helping the little one get adjusted to his new life it turned out he was so young (6 weeks to young) that their was no way he could go the night without going out to potty and he really still needed the warmth and heartbeat of his mother - I made a pretty good substitute. Of course my husband took the opportunity to point out that I would never tell me clients to behave that way (he's kinda of right) but I figure that its been almost 20 years since I have had an actually tiny puppy so I'm entitled to make my own mistakes.

Join me over the coming weeks and months on our new adventure!

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