• Dominique Oppenheimer

Top 5 Chews for Winter

1. Himalayan Chews, Dog Chew Treat Made of Yak Milk 6-pack

My current favorite - easy on my dogs stomach and fully digestable!

2. 4 Pack of Buffalo Hornz Small Long Lasting 100% Natural Water Buffalo Horn Dog Chews

Great for heavy chewers - my pup really enjoys these and they don't smell at all!

3. Natural Cow Hooves for Dogs (10 Pack) - Made in the USA Bulk Dog Dental Treats & Dog Chews Beef Hoof, American Made

One of my long time favorites not only for the house but really great for the car as well - keeps your pup occupied

4. Filled Dog Bones (Flavors: Peanut Butter, Cheese, Bacon, Beef, etc) Made in USA Stuffed Bulk 3 to 6" Femur Dog Dental Treat & Chew, American Made (Variety Pack, Large (5-6") - 3 Flavors)

Peanut butter is my pups favortie but he doesn't turn up his nose to any of them - and the great thing is they last a looooong time and you can refill them with peanut butter or spray cheese!

5. 12" Straight Bully Sticks for Dogs [LARGE THICKNESS] (10 Pack) - All Natural & Odorless Bully Bones | Long Lasting Chew Dental Treats | Best Thick Bullie Sticks for K9 or Puppies | Grass-Fed Beef

How I survived having a puppy during the Christmas season last year, lol, and still one of my pups favorites!

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