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Five Favorite Pieces of Hiking Equipment

I love to hike with my puppies and there are so many amazing places in and around Cincinnati to get out and have some outdoor fun. I have some must have items that I use everytime I'm out - take a look at them below.

#1 Tick Key -

This is my number one most important tool - I have one attached to my key ring, one in the car and one in the dogs packs and this year I'm going to attach one directly to the dogs collar or leash - this way its super easy to grab. I've used this for the dogs and the kids!

#2 Harness with Backpack -

If you are going to be doing to doing a long hike it is a lot easier to have your pup carry all there gear (and their poop, lol) I prefer to have a harness with a pack I can take off so when we are in the car etc it can be easier for the pup to lay down. Also the cool thing about your pup wearing a pack - it can help the settle down and stay focused and walk better - bonus!

#3 Dog First Aid Kit -

This is just a given - if you don't have one yet you should. One in the car and one at home and if you are doing serious hiking one in your pack.

#4 Collapsible Water/Food Bowls -

These are one of the best things to have - its a super easy way to get your pup fresh water when your out for a hike or after getting back to the car. Much easier then trying to teach them to drink out of a bottle (speaking from experience).

#5 Dog Shammy Towel -

In case your hiking and swimming or in case you just have a dog like mine who finds every muddy puddle there is on the hike this is a must have for the car! Love this one cause its bigger and super absorbant!!!


Packable Dog Bed -

In case your doing long hikes or overnights this is a great bed. I also like it for when my pups get older but still like to go out to resturants and bars - its perfect for the cold concrete.

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Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links. Meaning at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. There are several go to things that I

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